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Algal Polysaccharides

25% min

Organic Matter

45% min

Alginic Acid

4% min

Seaweed Organic Calcium

10% min

Total Nutrients (N-P2O5-K2O)


Main Active Matter

1.0% min

Product Description 

This product just adopts imported wild ascophyllum nodosum as raw material, is produced through a series of seaweed extract.It is also added into specific high activity compound strain, then through high temperature aerobic, medium temperature and oxygen, low temperature anaerobic total three

periodical fermentations and mechanical granulation, finally dried by sunlight. This product has many features, such as totally decomposed, high contents of medium trace elements, hard particles, large volume, low water content, slow-release, controlled release, Safe, efficient and so on. This product can be applied in areas of modern agriculture, high efficiency facility agriculture, Ornamental Horticulture Plants and production of organic agricultural products.


In agriculture used as micronutrient fertilizer, can be widely used as spraying fertilizer, Water flush fertilizer, drip irrigation fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, organic fertilizer, raw materials of Compound fertilizer, also used as soilless cultivation .

Application Recommendation

Application Methods

Crop Types

Fertilization Period

Application Rates


Basal Application

Fruit trees

Preplant period/after harvesting

3-5kg/individual plant

One year

Field Ccrops

Preplant period


One crop season

Land vegetables

Preplant period


One crop season

Vegetables under structure

Preplant period


One crop season


Fruit Trees

After flowering/fruit enlargement period/mature period

1-3kg/individual plant

No strict limits

Field crops

After flowering


No strict limits

Land vegetables

Rosette stage/after fruiting


No strict limits

Vegetable under structure

Rosette stage/after fruiting


No strict limits

Hole Application

Field Crops



One crop season




One crop season

As base material

Seaweed Organic fertilizer: Other base material = 1:10,mixing well (After crushing will be better)

 Above application recommendations are under general conditions, your consultation to local agronomists are strong recommended.

Using notices of organic fertilizer

This product is different from the conventional organic fertilizer, can be mixed with seeds directly, without burning root and seedlings

This product is different from the conventional organic fertilizer, can be added into feed for livestock, improve quality.

This product can not replace conventional commercial organic fertilizer and farm manure, the using amount of this product is 1/10 of the amount of farm manure.

This product is slow-release, particles in the soil can be stored for a long time, effect will appear after 30 days,obvious effect will appear during the first year, effect will full play during the second year, also will continues to the third year.

The extensive use of this product can sharply reduce use of trace element fertilizer and acidic soil conditioner.

Product Features

Improving soil: swelling and water absorption, loosen soil, break the soil compaction, prevent soil degradation (such as acidification, salinization).

Environmental friendly: regulating soil micro ecology, decrease pesticide residues, passivate heavy metals.

Reducing diseases: controlling the growth of soil borne pathogens, reduce the underground pests.

Comprehensive nutrition: Be rich in medium trace elements, prevent the deficience of syndrome effectively

Promotion of anti-adverse: well-developed root system, prevent excessive growth, induce plant to produce phytoalexin, increase the ability of crop resistance.

Increasing yield: promoting flower bud differentiation, increase fruit setting rate, promote the expansion, improve fruit weight, early maturity.

Improving quality: improving fruit color, surface light, hardness, improve the content of solid matters and storage stability.


Ø Please store at cool and dry place, without exposing at strong sunshine and extra humid place.

Ø It is forbidden to transport and store together with foodstaff, seeds and other fertilizers.

Ø Avoid touching with children and livestock.

Package Style 

20/25kg bag with liner inner or customer required package size

PP/PE/KRAFT PAPER BAGS are available

20MT/20”FCL   30MT/40”FCL

Shelf Life 



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